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Pure Wedding DJ's


Here is a selection of my DJ mixes hosted on

You will find mainly Oldskool dance music, such as Hip Hop/Electro, Soul/Motown/Northern Soul, Breakbeat Rave, Trance, House, R'n'B, US Garage, Progressive House, Drum N Bass, Indie, Rock, 80's Synth Pop, Heavy Metal, etc.


Did you know most DJs don't bother to learn this important part of their job? a lot are happy to just fade into the next song without matching the speed/tempo, or talk on the mic to disguise the clashing of beats. I pride myself in learning this important technique, so that the dancefloor keeps rocking, and the energy flows. Most dance music from disco onwards has got a steady drum beat which I use to join songs together. Its what gives us DJs a good name, in how well we mix to songs together, either without you noticing, or forming short remix of two songs playing together. Have a listen to my dance music mixes to see what I mean.