Pure Wedding DJ's


Extra Information

We keep an Emergency Backup DJ and Equipment on call in case of an Emergency.

We also keep Spare equipment with us in case of any technical issues

We are fully Insured (£10,000,000 PLI) and Electrically Tested (P.A.T - Portable Appliance Test)

We have full RAC Vehicle Breakdown Cover. And a spare van at home.

100% Customer Satisfaction, We have Never let a client down!

We are not Dinosaur DJ's, we are up to date with Modern Dance Music.

We do not talk over the Music, only for Important Announcements.

We do not have a Cheesy Pub Disco setup with Rope Lights and Awful Disco Lights.

We sign a Legal Contract to provide your Entertainment.

We are able to play whatever you ask (please give us advance notice)

We are at the Forefront of Digital DJ Technology, using Serato DJ Software (Industry Standard) Top of the range HP and Toshiba Laptops, CD Quality Mp3's (320kbps) and combining Oldskool formats using Vestax PDX2000 Vinyl Record Decks or Numark NS7 II Decks.

All of our lighting is L.E.D technology, which is low energy, cool to the touch, and compact.

Steve's Top Tips -

There are still dodgy DJ's out there that can ruin your wedding, either by not turning up as someone has offered them more money to do theirs, or turning up and not playing good music, or having a terrible setup that ruins the look of your wedding. Make sure they will give you a contract, take a deposit and have at least public liability insurance and portable electric test their equipment.

Also try and get photos and videos of them in action, showing how their setup looks. And how they read a crowd.

It's also good to meet them in person, or speak on the phone, as you can get a feel if they are right for the job.

Testimonials are a great way to find out how good a DJ is too, but don't take all that is printed on a website as true, check out facebook reviews or comments on walls for legitimate feedback.

We also hear a lot about a "friend of a friend" who is going to do it for free, but quite often cancels at the last moment, either through sickness or broken equipment. So please beware of these pitfalls, as these disaster stories can never be undone.

Remember the DJ is responsible for at least half the success of your wedding day, choose wisely!