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How would you like to transform your wedding reception into a Rave?

Pure Wedding DJ's at Alice & Simon's Piano House/Rave Theme Wedding at Buckland Hall - 0800 856 2238 - High Class Wedding DJ Service in South Wales UK.

Please click on HD to view as intended.

We get booked many times each year by many couples who have hung up their glow sticks, but still love their Oldskool dance music. As a veteran raver from the 1990's and still today I go out a couple of times a year as a clubber and a DJ, we can supply this theme for you!

Even if you have never been to one, would you like some Rave music at your wedding? you will be surprised how even the older ones will get up and dance to it! I am a specialist in Oldskool dance music in all its forms, from 1986-2000. Genres such as - House, US Garage, Trance, Hardcore Breakbeat, Drum n Bass, Techno, Hard House & UK Garage. Please watch this video to see what I am talking about (Piano House Wedding at Buckland Hall) Click Here!

And here!

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